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Ok, so you know how valuable customer case studies are and you also know how to write a case study. But what does a sample case study look like? Here we have 5 different sample case studies for your inspiration! Each of these case study examples takes some simple feedback from customers and packages it into an inspiring case study. It’s an extremely effective marketing tool.

Check out these 5 inspiring case studies…

Sample Case Study 1 – WOMO: 4 Elements Plumbing

This case study (from my last business), is great because it includes a nice mix of direct customer quotes, with background information. It explains exactly how this customer uses WOMO’s platform and they are smart to include a tiny bit of negative feedback to make it even more convincing. (Where the customer indicates that the process takes some time… “Building rapport takes a while but if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you would hire a plumber referred by a friend. It’s all about word of mouth.”) Although the photos are clearly not professional shots, they are also very real and convincing. See the customer case study here.

Sample Case Study 2 – Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a master of marketing and business, so it makes sense to see how she uses customer case studies to market her own business learning program. From the main bschool page, she includes a section called “Success Stories from Around the World”. Clicking through, you can see a huge number of people that have had success with her program. Each includes a beautiful photo and an inspiring quote. Clicking further into a sample case study, you can see the case study in it’s entirety.

These case studies are powerful because they are written in the first person from the customer. They each appear to have a different style and tone and come at the program from a different angle. This makes them very convincing. Some of them are incredibly powerful and moving stories. See Marie’s case studies here.

Sample Case Study 3: Property Management Guaranteed

I’m including this case study, as although the subject matter (and layout!) are a bit dry, it is different because it is depersonalised and written in a third person voice. In some situations this style of writing is necessary or preferred – and although it lacks a bit of relatability with this style, it is still powerful nonetheless. Here, the property management group explains a simple story of an (apparently) real life situation which shows an error that could have been avoided (with property managers like them!). See this case study and others here.

Sample Case Study 4: Pet Sense

This is another example where the case study is not written by the customer – because the customers are animals! Here, this business does a fantastic job of communicating their approach to helping animals and the care they take with each ‘client’. The layout of their “Case Studies” page is simple but very effective and the language they use demonstrates their love for animals and the pride they take in getting great results.

Sample Case Study 5: Vision Personal Training

This gym is one I know personally and does a great job of marketing themselves with customer case studies. In the building, they display “before and after” photos, and on their website and social media, they continually remind us of the success their customers are seeing.

Each customer case study is written in the customer’s voice and describes the results and process in a different way. I love that they don’t just include model-like results and instead, focus on what is important for that customer. You can see their customer case studies page here.

If you’re looking to write your own customer case studies, check out our “How to Write a Case Study” Cheat Sheet. It’s not that hard and case studies can help you achieve some fantastic results.

Have you come across any customer case study examples that you love?

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