Cmis 351 Assignment 5

 Sale (Order)  With all relevant data related to the SALE of the vehicle only, such as:  OrderID Primary Key (Should be AutoNumber or Number)  VehicleId  CustomerId  SalesrepId  SaleOrderDate  SaleOrderAmount o Vehicle  With all relevant vehicle/car data only  VehicleID (or VIN# Primary Key (Should be AutoNumber or Number)  CustomerId  VehicleMake  VehicleModel  VehiclePrice o Visit  VisitId Primary Key (Should be AutoNumber or Number)  VisitDate  VehicleId  CustomerId  SalesrepId  Tables are structured correctly with appropriate keys 12/12 o You must create tables for each individual ENTITY described in the Ace Auto Dealer user requirements on pages 433 and 434. A rela±onal database en±ty is typically a person, place or thing, therefore to get a preliminary list of candidate en±±es, you should consider all of the NOUNS listed in the requirements. This is how you start to develop your list of tables (en±±es) in the rela±onal database. You were also told your database “…sa±sFes all of the requirements noted, but only the requirements noted.” Therefore you must not ‘make up’ any data that has not been deFned by the users as a requirement.  You are missing tables for;  Prospect (see CustomerProspect table above)  Vehicle  SalesRepresenta±ve  Sale  Visit Adherence to RelaTonal Database Rules, Guidelines, Principles: o When designing IT systems for clients you should use the client’s terminology in the system elements (tables, Felds, reports etc.) This makes the system easier to maintain,

 To relate the Customer and VEHICLE table (to know VEHICLE belongs to which customer) tables: o DeFne the rela±onship between the tables;  ONE Customer can have MANY tables. One to Many  You would take the Primary key from the ONE side of the rela±onship (CUSTOMER) table and insert it into the table that represents the MANY side of the rela±onship (VEHICLE). See example database design above.  Database has a minimum number of records in each table as speciFed in assignment instruc±ons. 2/2  Database has all test data as speciFed in assignment instruc±ons 2/2 Reports and Queries 9.5/10 marks  Queries and reports iden±Fed in the system analysis report have been created and include the ques±ons managers are considering based on the mini-case on pages 433-434. One half mark for each correct report submi²ed 1.5/2  Only 3 reports submi²ed  Queries are correct 4/4  Reports are professional looking and readable 4/4 Reports for A5:  Where do purchasers Fnd out about Ace? 1. Newspaper, Web, Word of Mouth? Other?  Which touch points have produced the greatest number of sales leads?  Which touch points have produced the greatest number of actual sales ?  Which Prospects have made auto purchases? Systems Analysis Report 7/20 marks  Comprehensive (answers all informa±on listed in textbook on page 434 ) 7/15 Descrip±on of Problem (3/3): “ Ace Auto dealer does not have enough information about its customers. Ace’s main problem is that they are filling out customer information manually. It cannot easily determine which prospects have made auto purchases. Also, it cannot identify which customer touch points have produced the greatest number of sales leads or actual sales. Furthermore, it does not know how purchasers discovers about Ace such as from newspaper ads, from word of mouth or from the web .”

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