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Readymade Woods Whistles

ByChristian NobleonOctober 26, 2016inMaster Woodsman, Primitive Skills, Survival Kit, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

While enjoying some much needed alone time this past weekend in the Chattahoochee National Forest, I was cutting through a stretch of woods with tulip tree, white pine, hickory, and oak. As I usually do, I picked up a large acorn cap for a whistle. Even though it’s been decades since my mother taught me […]

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Solo Stove (a review)

ByCharles WinchesteronApril 3, 2016inFirecraft, Food, Master Woodsman, Woodcraft

We were contacted by Solo Stoves and asked to do an honest review on their Solo Stove Lite and the Pot that they sell for the stove. Being that I have cooked in the outdoors for decades, I was very excited to test out new gear. I am always looking for great made gear at […]

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Steven Miles Watts

ByChristian NobleonMarch 22, 2016inMaster Woodsman, News & Updates, Woodcraft

1947 – 2016 The thoughtful man that Steve was, he called me right after he saw the photo below just to tell say how much he loved the trip we took together and especially that photo. The trip was an incredible visit to the Camp Fire Club of America, Dan Beard’s resting place, Bear Mountain […]

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Bushcraft: The Case for Canvas

ByMaster WoodsmanonMarch 3, 2016inClassic Camping, Master Woodsman, Toolcraft, Woodcraft

GET OVER YOUR GORE-TEX March 02, 2016 By Darren Bush In 1969, chemist Bill Gore took some polytetrafluoroethylene, heated it and stretched it, creating a membrane that had 14 million microscopic holes per square inch. The holes were large enough to let water molecules escape, but too small to let liquid water through. Waterproof breathable […]

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Mors article at Outdoor Readiness

ByChristian NobleonJanuary 25, 2016inBooks, Fieldcraft, Master Woodsman, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

Nice article about Mors Kochanski at the blog Outdoor Readiness… Venerable bushcraft instructor Mors Kochanski is one of the most experienced outdoor skills instructors in North America. His specialty is northern forests, the boreal, all seasons. Kochanski bridged primitive and historical methods and skills (actual skills, not just descriptions of skills) into the 21st Century […]

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Arrow Making

ByMaster WoodsmanonOctober 12, 2015inFieldcraft, Primitive Skills, Toolcraft, Woodcraft

by Jeff Martin Primitive cultures and their means of making bows and arrows have always been an interest of mine. As a young boy, I remember visiting museums throughout the West with my Grandmother, where I had a deep fascination towards the Native American way of life. I always asked my Grandmother where the arrowheads […]

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Real and Sham Survival/Bushcraft

ByChristian NobleonSeptember 28, 2015inClassic Camping, Master Woodsman, News & Updates, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

I suppose it is the real demand for bushcraft and survival information that leads to its counterfeit, otherwise the counterfeit would stand a poor show. The growing demand for survival/bushcraft within the past few years has called forth a very large crop of TV Shows, YouTubers, Bloggers, & Books; good, bad, and indifferent — shows […]

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Why a ‘Mora Knife’?

ByChristian NobleonAugust 16, 2015inKnifecraft, Master Woodsman, Woodcraft

When it comes to the design of a bushcraft knife, the classic Scandinavian style knife in my experience sets the standard and I will share my reasons as to why in this article. But before we get started, let’s be clear on what is meant by a Mora Knife — a term that has become […]

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Tim Smith interview at Bull Moose Patrol

ByChristian NobleonAugust 1, 2015inFieldcraft, Master Woodsman, Woodcraft

Our good friend Scott Oeth just published a great article over at Bull Moose Patrol on our other good friend, Tim Smith of Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. Strongly suggest you check it out…   A few years ago, I attended the “Riverman Course” on expedition canoeing and guiding at Tim Smith’s Jack Mountain Bushcraft school […]

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Where Have All the Axes Gone?

ByChristian NobleonJuly 16, 2015inClassic Camping, Fieldcraft, Master Woodsman, News & Updates, Toolcraft, Woodcraft

Thank you Tony Nester for sharing this (surprising) article from The Atlantic… Where Have All the Axes Gone? The treasured woodchopper’s talisman is a guide to an almost-lost way of life, an Object Lesson. Last year was, by some accounts, the year of the lumbersexual—big beard, big plaid, big boots. Although not measured by time […]

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Woodsmoke, Camping in the Old Style, and other important updates…

ByChristian NobleonMay 6, 2015inMaster Woodsman, News & Updates, Woodcraft

This is a good news / bad news post I am afraid. First, the bad news… Woodsmoke 2015 is cancelled. Per David Wescott: “Sorry – But due to numerous conflicts on the part of the hosts, we have been forced to cancel Woodsmoke 2015 – AGAIN. We are trying not to look like a bunch […]

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Extreme Barbecue with Steve Watts

ByMaster WoodsmanonApril 20, 2015inBooks, Fieldcraft, Woodcraft

From the book, Extreme Barbecue: Smokin’ Rigs and 100 Real Good Recipes by Dan Huntley and Lisa Grace Lednicer. Steve Watts is an outdoor kitchen magician. Parachute him in the wilderness and he’ll be cooking by the end of the day, without a pot, pan, or matches. While most all modern cooking contraptions are made […]

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Horace Kephart Days – May 15th and 16th (and a special book update!)

ByMaster WoodsmanonApril 9, 2015inBooks, Classic Camping, Master Woodsman, News & Updates, Woodcraft

This is a DO NOT MISS Horace Kephart Days at the Schiele Museum of Natural History May 15th and 16th (details below). A great opportunity to spend time with not only the Kephart Family and Steve Watts, but David Wescott will be in attendance signing the new edition of Camping in the Old Style; now available for […]

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The Bushcraft Journal

ByChristian NobleonMarch 24, 2015inBooks, News & Updates, Woodcraft

From The Bushcraft Journal website: What is The Bushcraft Journal? The Bushcraft Journal is an online magazine working closely with many of the world’s leading outdoor guides and survival experts bringing you a  variety of first-hand knowledge based skills, step by step guides, how-to’s, hints and tips, and wonderful stories of travel and adventure from […]

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Gypsy Jack’s Camping Journal, Whelen

ByMaster WoodsmanonMarch 5, 2015inMaster Woodsman, Woodcraft

“I was sitting directly across the campfire from Old Sure Shot himself. With the halo of the setting sun behind him…the rising flames before him…and his face obscured by the swirling smoke of his pipe…he appeared to be a man on fire. And, I suppose he was. Townsend Whelen had sat out to do just […]

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Leave No Trace killed Woodcraft… almost

ByChristian NobleonMarch 2, 2015inBooks, Classic Camping, Fieldcraft, Firecraft, Master Woodsman, Nature & Conservation, Survival Kit, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

You are likely familiar with Leave No Trace (LNT), if not the organization, at least the concept it promotes in that there are set of principles to enjoy the outdoors responsibly while minimizing environmental impacts. Interestingly, the organization is very strict when it comes to the use of the copyrighted term, it’s logo, and their Seven […]

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A Bedroll Sling/Tumpline for…

ByMaster WoodsmanonJanuary 15, 2015inClassic Camping, Woodcraft

Tramping In The Old Style  by Steven M. Watts 2014 “Tramping” in the literature of the Classic Camping era refers to “pedestrian camping” or “camping afoot”… what would one day come to be known as “backpacking.” The references to shoulder slings or tumplines for packing bedrolls are almost non-existent in the writings of the Classic Camping […]

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Balloons & Bindles… on the road with…

ByMaster WoodsmanonJanuary 11, 2015inClassic Camping, Master Woodsman, Woodcraft

The American Hobo by Steven M. Watts 2013  “They were road kids, and with every word they uttered the lure of The Road laid hold of me more imperiously…And it all spelled Adventure.” – Jack London Definitions (from The Golden Age—1870’s-1920’s) Hobo: migratory worker (“travels and works”) Tramp: migratory non-worker (‘travels but doesn’t work”) Bum: […]

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Promoting Outdoor Living Skills

ByChristian NobleonJanuary 2, 2015inFieldcraft, Master Woodsman, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

The main purpose of Master Woodsman is to Promote Outdoor Living Skills. Within that broad statement should be a discussion on skill level and the skill level of those that teach or even share knowledge. That is what this article is… a catalyst for thought and discussion, NOT a decree from me or anyone else associated […]

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Join The Classic Camping Revival!

ByMaster WoodsmanonDecember 21, 2014inBooks, Classic Camping, News & Updates, Woodcraft

Be sure to pick up your copy of the latest edition of the American Frontiersman magazine available on newsstands now. In this issue, Watts and Wescott spend some time explaining the renewed interest in camping in the classic style and those involved – especially the Acorn Patrol – learn more about them on pinterest. Camping In […]

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Kit fever…

ByChristian NobleonDecember 17, 2014inNews & Updates, Survival Kit, Woodcraft

Steve Watts turned me on to this Finnish blog, Perkele’s. As I am booking flights today to attend my first SHOT SHOW next month, the timing couldn’t be better. Posts like this from the heart are good for keeping you grounded when it comes to gear… Again today i got to thinking about this never […]

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Kamp Kephart 2015

ByMaster WoodsmanonDecember 12, 2014inClassic Camping, Woodcraft

See below for the Kamp Kephart 2015 class schedule taught by Steve Watts at the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC. Space is limited so sign up quick!  To download the registration form in PDF, click here >>—> Kamp Kephart 15.   Just look at everything offered. I want to do all of it. […]

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Be Quick My Friends

ByChristian NobleonDecember 6, 2014inFirecraft, Master Woodsman, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

A front from the far north was coming with several inches of snow. The camp-fire’s glow felt good under the parachute-shelter as afternoon temperatures started to sink here in Alberta, Canada. I was a happy man, the guest of my good friends, Randy and Lori Breeuwsma. Another good friend, Joe Flowers, and several of the […]

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Pocket Tool Basics by Steven M. Watts

ByMaster WoodsmanonNovember 23, 2014inClassic Camping, Fieldcraft, Master Woodsman, Survival Kit, Wilderness Survival, Woodcraft

Don’t Leave Camp With Out These A day hike, a day hunt or the exploratory search for new trout waters… these are the away-from-camp situations in which the hiker most typically winds up lost, or at least “a might confused”. A few basic tools will help you get back to camp on your own, or […]

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The Great Stag

ByMaster WoodsmanonNovember 16, 2014inClassic Camping, Nature & Conservation, Woodcraft

WE all know him well; his existence is established now as surely as that of the sea-serpent or the big fish that got off the hook — even better, for many of us have seen him in broad daylight and had a fair open view of his noble form. And what a creature he is, […]

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Below is a timeline of some of the highlights of the history of The Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. As this is a highlight reel and not a complete history, the many short courses and outings that have kept us busy year-round are not included.


  • With an undergraduate degree in anthropology in hand, founder Tim Smith headed north to Alaska for a 30-day primitive living practicum in the Alaskan bush. It culminated a decade of focused study of bushcraft and outdoor living, and turned out different, but more powerful, than expected. It’s where the idea for the bushcraft semester course was born, but it took a few years of percolating and processing before it was ready to see the light of day.
  • Paddled the Moose river canoe trail through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Following the experience, Tim stayed on in Alaska for a year before returning to the lower 48 and enrolling in a master’s program in education.


  • Upon finishing graduate school, Tim founded Jack Mountain Bushcraft and started teaching weeklong bushcraft courses and guiding wilderness trips, putting off a formal teaching career for a year. He had been teaching bushcraft and guiding part time for a few years, but decided to make the leap and do it full time. Highlights from that year included an 8-day survival adventure course in the mountains of western Maine.
  • Trips were numerous and short, the majority being hiking trips in the Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine.


  • Tim decided to create programs that bridged the gap between formal education and bushcraft, similar to the Alaska practicum, and the idea for the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester was born in a wall tent at 40 below zero along the Maine and Quebec border.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, the Florida Everglades and a three-week summer trip in Alaska.
  • Snowshoe trips included a nine-day journey into the Caucmgomoc region near of the Allagash headwaters in Maine, and a trip snowshoeing with the Cree in northern Quebec.


  • Ran the pilot program for the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester, then called the Earth Skills Semester Program.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, St. John and the West Branch of the Penobscot rivers in Maine and the Everglades in Florida.
  • Snowshoe trips included two weeks of traditional winter skills and travel in the mountains of western Maine near the Quebec border.


  • Ran the first 12-week semester course from February to April.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, St. John and the West Branch of the Penobscot rivers in Maine and the Everglades in Florida.
  • Snowshoe trips included two weeks of traditional winter skills and travel in the mountains of western Maine near the Quebec border.


  • Ran two 12-week semester courses, one from February to April and the other from late August to early November.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, St. John and St. Croix rivers in Maine and La Verendrye Provincial Park in Quebec.
  • Snowshoe trips included ten days of traditional winter skills and travel in the mountains of western Maine near the Quebec border.


  • Ran two 12-week semester courses, one from February to April and the other from late August to early November.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, St. John and St. Croix rivers in Maine.
  • Snowshoe trips included ten days of traditional winter skills and travel in the mountains of western Maine near the Quebec border.


  • Ran a 4-week summer courses and a 12-week semester course from late August to early November.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, West Branch of the Penobscot, Big Black and St. Croix rivers, as well as poling trip on Allagash stream, in Maine.


  • Ran a 12-week semester course from late August to early November.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash and St. Croix rivers, as well as a flatwater trip in the Grand Lake Stream region, in Maine.


  • Ran a 10-week semester course from late August to early November.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash, East Branch of the Penobscot and St. Croix rivers in Maine, and a paddling trip with the Cree in northern Quebec.


  • Relocated our immersion programs from New Hampshire to Masardis, Maine. Created the yearlong immersion, tying the semester programs together into a more complete learning experience. Ran a 10-week spring semester from April to May and a 10-week fall semester from late August to October.
  • Canoe trips included the Allagash and Aroostook rivers, Munsungan and Millinocket streams and a base camp on Grand Lake Seboeis.


  • Ran a 2-week winter course in January, a 6-week spring course from mid-April to the end of May, and a 3-week summer course in July.
  • Canoe trips included the Aroostook and Big Machias rivers, Mooseleuk, St. Croix and Squapan streams and numerous trips on Squapan lake.
  • Snowshoe trips included the two week winter course in the woods of New Hampshire and a trip snowshoeing with the Cree in northern Quebec.


  • Ran a 4-week spring expedition semester in May, several weeklong summer programs, and a 9-week fall semester course.
  • Canoe trips included the St. John, Aroostook and Big Machias rivers, as well as Millinocket, Munsungan and St. Croix streams.

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