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Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell Essay

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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a story of a pair of twins who are separated at birth. They are brought up in totally different ways and this is shown through the characters register, body language and reactions to each other. They story is told by various methods such as the use of an interventionist narrator and soliloquy in the form of songs by the characters. In this essay I intend to analyse various techniques and themes which help establish this play to the succesful status it has attained. The Play is written by Willie Russell. Willie Russell was born just outside Liverpool in Whiston, 1947. After leaving school with one English
O-level, he then went on became a ladies hairdresser. In his spare time he would write comical songs…show more content…

The themes of the play were very obvious, such as class, innocence, superstition and family love. These themes were developed by movement, speech and mime. For example the theme of superstition was developed from the start when Mrs Lyons put the new shoes on the table and Mrs
Johnstone reminded her about the saying

“New shoes on the table arebad luck”.

It was then later developed by Mrs Lyons by her saying
“Come on or the bogey man will get you”.

This makes the theme of superstition more effective because the script makes more than one reference to it. Also this themes back up the theme of innocence with the children because Edward believed it and so this also helped the theme develop. Another big theme in the play was class. This was clearly shown from the start because of Mrs
Johnstone working for Mrs Lyons. When Edward and Mickey first meet, the simple fact that they do not realise that they’re twins, especially when they find out that their birthdays are on the same day, shows that their physical appearances must have been changed quite a lot by their parents and environment.

Mickey: “When’s your birthday?”
Eddie: “December 12th”.
Mickey: “So is mine.”

It does not give any specific images of any of their appearances but you would expect Eddie to have a side parting, clean face and may be chubbier than Mickey due to a better diet and he would have been more knowledgeable about hygiene. Mickey would

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You should have drafted the content of your review in note form before writing in earnest. You must also make sure that you’ve structured your work so that it makes sense. For example, discuss lighting in one paragraph; don’t spread comments about it throughout the work.

It’s important that you write a good introduction to your review. This is how you set the scene for the reader and it determines if your work is worth reading in its entirety or not! So you need to provide details about the production, its genre, its main actors and any interesting background information.

Avoid telling the story as part of your review. You’re evaluating how well it worked, not explaining it. However, for your work to make sense you need to put your evaluation into context. This means a brief explanation of the basis of the story and its themes, the main ideas or issues explored. Read this example of an introduction to a theatre review:

In this opening paragraph the reader has already learnt:

  • who wrote the play
  • the genre, eg musical, tragedy, farce
  • if the musical is of a high standard with the use of adjectives to enhance description like ‘powerful’, ‘sharp’
  • the key themes of the piece such as ‘nature versus nurture’
  • how the themes were reflected in the music and script.

Remember that once you’ve mentioned a production professional’s name, such as playwright, actor or director you can then use their surname only.

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