Year 3 Homework Projects

Year 3 have wowed us with their amazingly creative homework projects on explorers, our current topic. The children researched different explorers and chose how they would present this research. Here are some of their creative ideas:

• dressing up and presenting in character
• creating dioramas
• making old looking paper to write diaries
• creating electronic presentations to share
• audio recordings with sound effects (created in a studio – wow!)
• videos of children presenting their voyage in character
• display posters
• Lego model

We were so impressed with their ability to present and share what they had found out and answer questions from their peers. The children had a chance to self-assess their work and assess a partner’s work and they were positive and supportive in this task.
Well done, Year 3! What a busy week you have had!

Mrs Chugg

Homework Help - past examples of Year 3 Projects.

To inspire this year's crop of Year 3's, here are some examples of past homework projects.


You can do as many ideas off the homework project grid we gave you as you like, presenting them as creatively as you wish! If you come up with another idea that isn't on the grid that's OK too.

Hope you have fun with them and we look forward to seeing all your efforts. Good luck!

Remember to read each day, either your home reading book, something from your Bug Club library, a comic or magazine or a book you have at home. Try to read and discuss a book with an adult when you can.

Also, take time to practise your number bonds and times tables, as well as completing you weekly Maths homework.

This term's chocolate homework project:


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