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Essay of Comparison: Short Stories

One way to try to explain something is to compare it to something else. For the purpose of this essay, you will be comparing the uses and functions of the elements of a short story in TWO of the short stories we have read in class. Your choices are: The  Tell Tale !eart" by #dgar $llen %oe,  The &tory of an !our" by 'ate (hopin, !ills )i*eWhite #lephants" by #rnest !emingway, and+or The eldt" by -ay radbury . &peci/cally, you are loo*ing at the similarities and di0erences between the two storiesyou have selected. You should start by as*ing yourself the following 1uestions in order to ma*e a comparison:

!ow are the uses+functions of the elements ali*e2

!ow are the uses+functions of the elements di0erent2-emember that comparison implies similarities $34 di0erences. 4epending on the approach you choose, you may /nd more similarities, or more di0erences between thewor*s, but OT! similarities and di0erences must be addressed.  You must identity TWO points of comparison between the stories you have selected 5i.e. characteri6ation and diction, or theme and setting7.  You should include TWO 1uotations per paragraph. #ach paragraph must have one 1uotation from both stories being compared. 4o not 1uote lengthy sentences. 8se ellipsis if re1uired.  The essay must conform to the conventions of a literary essay 5&ee 9)$ Formatting ;uidelines<7:

 Typed text in standard =>?pt. font.

4ouble?spaced, one side of the page only.

%aragraphs indented @ spaces. 3o extra space between paragraphs.

aintain e1ual margins on $)) sides of the page.

3umber the pages in the header, including your surname.

$void use of /rst 5A+we7 and second person 5you7 references.

$void use of contractions.

Write in complete sentence form and properly formatted paragraphs.

Anclude a properly formatted )$ Wor*s (ited page at the end of the essay.  The essay must have a title, an introductory paragraph, at least B body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. -emember that the /ve?paragraph essay" is a constructC it does not exist as a form itself. !owever, your essay must be $T )#$&T /ve paragraphs 5minimum two uses+functions of the elements compared7 and = D to > full pages 5double?spaced7 in length 5

review literary essay from ‘Short Short Stories’package


 The titles, authors of the wor*s being compared must be cited accurately.

Follow the instructions for 1uoting and formatting 1uotations provided on the 9)$ Formatting ;uidelines< handout provided.

8se )$ citation format 5review hand?out7.

#nsure you attach the rubric at the end of your essay

Due Date:

 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5$t the end of class7

Grade 11 English - ENG 3U

Important dates and notices:

   Exam is June 18th in room 150 at 11:20 am.
          Bring a baggie with dark blue or black pens, some sharpened pencils and an eraser.  
   The review is below

Please bring in a book to read in class every Thursday.  You are also allowed a magazine like Macleans, Rolling Stone or National Geographic.  

Book Club dates:                                                                 Night dates:

in-class discussion and readings due                       essay and RST due   - June  1st - rough draft
      April 20, 29,  May 5, 15, 20                                                                                 June 5th on Turn It In 
Seminar prep     May 25, 27, June 2                                                                          June 8th hard copy with all 
Literary graffitiassignment due - May 29                                                        rough work 
In - class test -  May 29                                                         
Presentations - June 3 - 12                                                     

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