The Power Of Words On Children Essay

The Benefits of Play Time for Children Essay

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The best way for parents to teach their child is to play with them. Because indoor and outdoor play is a child's opportunity to explore his new world, it is very important for his growth. In order to help their children develop cognitive, social, and psychological skills, parents should actively participate in their child's playtime. The first step for parents to take is to give the child enough room to play. Enough play space will give way to paths, ramps, bridges, hills, etc (Strickland par. 3). Because the child will have extra room to move, his body will engage in actions, which is important for him to learn how his mind cooperates with his body. Provide tools like plastic shovels, sand buckets, or blocks of wood to…show more content…

It does not take much effort to really be involved in the child's play. Making sure that the child has consistent play and social interaction is very important for his development. Toys will most likely provide the most consistent play, since he can not be around friends at all times. First of all, how to use the toy is the child's decision (Bettelheim 337). The child needs the parents there to actively participate, but not to change the child's method of playing. There are certain types of toys and games that are appropriate to age (Muller par. 3). For instance, a child from eighteen months to two years old is at a stage where he tends to copy adults. Hosting a tea party, or pushing a small bus filled with plastic people makes the child feel as if he is fulfilling positions like his parents (Muller par. 11). A child between two and three years old will thrive in open-ended play. Doll houses and miniature farm yards would be considered tools to play with an open mind (Muller par. 14). Gaining experience and confidence through hypothetical, pretend situations is a process that will prepare them for the actual entrance into society. The parents must remember that while toys are important to the child's development, they “can't replace presence with presents,” says Dr. Karen Brooks (Muller par. 25).
A lot of parents in today's society firmly believe that toys should be educational.

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The Power of Media Essay

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Media has the supremacy to influence millions of individuals through countless formats. Media is everywhere in our daily lives, in television, motion pictures, and radio, influencing what society consume to what society wear. “Media is a very powerful tool capable of mobilizing people’s contemplations and ideologies” (Mock 2004). Most people find television an escape from their hectic daily lives. In our society today, there is an ongoing debate about violence in the media. Media violence has been an issue that most of the literature seems to avoid, but it is important in our lives. To give you perspective on just how much violence kids see on TV, consider this: “The average American child will witness 200,000 violent acts on television by…show more content…

Two solutions that I would propose are for parents or any adult to reduce the exposure to media and change the impact of violent images that the kids are seeing.
These two solutions will be affective in reducing media violence because if children are exposed to the television less, they will see less violence. This can be accomplished by enforcing limits on how much time children are glued to the screen, in addition to setting guidelines on what they can and can’t watch. This can be done through the V-chip technology. This technology was made to block programs based on their ratings category. With this device, parents can block any programs that show voluminous amounts of violence by adding a four-digit code. In fact parents don’t have to completely neglect the child during the blocking of programs. “To make the kids feel like they have some ruling in the decision. Parents can allow the children to select the programs within the family’s guidelines, while seeking to add positive programs and limiting negative ones” (Thomas 2010).
On April 6-26, 1999 there was a random sample survey done to 1001 parents of children ages 2-17. Parents were asked 34 different questions regarding their opinion on television, the v-chip technology, and the T.V ratings system. The Kaiser Foundation and Princeton Survey Research Associates (PSRA) designed the survey. Based on the survey, 62 percent of the

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