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Children in Jeddah have been chilling out for the past couple of months, but now back to school season has kicked off and it’s time to get back on track. The same-old, same-old school activities, with homework, tests and exams is going to start soon, but you can add enjoyment into the monotonous routine by enrolling in after school activities. Parents can make sure that their kids are utilizing their time in the best way possible, whereas kids can learn and have fun at the same time. Below is a list of exotic after school activity centers along with the contact details so you can double the fun in your life.

Young Chef’s Academy:

Learn the fine art of cooking in a safe environment at YCA. They provide classes for three groups — Kinder Chefs, Junior Chefs and Senior Chefs.

Tel: +966-12-2063377
Mob: +966-532444025
Email: Jeddah@youngchefsacademy.com
Instagram: @yca_jeddah

Trio Ranch Country Club:

It’s a family leisure country club at Briman Jeddah. Everyone can saddle up for the adventurous horse riding to have the time of their lives.

Tel: +966-12-6281525
Email: trioranch@yahoo.com
Web: trio-ranch.com

Dynamic Code Center:

DCC works with a motto “A guidance to pure wellness.” It offers Physical Education (P.E.) classes under professional supervision to kids encouraging them to look after their health in a pleasant environment.

Tel: +966-12-6076450
Instagram: @dccjed


Interested in learning the Korean Martial Arts? Contact Mr. Kim at Jeddah International School, Khaldiya. He teaches kids from the age of 2, to adults at all ages in the afternoon.

Mob: +966-505627296
Email: twkim02@hotmail.com

Marta Rubina Tennis Academy:

Learn to play and love the sport of tennis from former professional player Marta Rubina. Academy is located at Khaldiya District and welcomes every age group.

Mob: +966-598707152
Instagram: @martatennisksa

Violin and Piano:

Learn to play the symphony of violin and piano from Sylvia Delosantos.

Mob: +966-508332168
Email: sylviadelosantos@yahoo.com

Get Smart Center:

It provides fun and learning opportunity to boys and girls up to the age of 12 such as swimming, music, sports and  teachings from the life of Prophet (PBUH), in addition to cooking, art and drawing.

Web: http://www.getsmartcenter.com.sa
Email: d2wt@hotmail.com
Mob: +966-500544141
Tel: +966-12-6222162

Jump Bunch:

It is an international franchise with a mission statement of enthusiastically teaching children to embrace sports and believe in their ability to lead a healthy, engaged and active lifestyle.

Mob: +966-542153779
Email: ajulaidan@kidsame.com
Web: http://www.Jumpbunch.com
Instagram: @Jumpbunchksa

Enchanted Garden:

A place to explore, learn, express and create. They offer activities to children under the age of three up to 12 years. Special classes include learning Qur’an, English, French and Arabic languages. Exclusive activity of Judo Karate has been introduced this year, along with piano learning and classical ballet.

Tel: +966-12-6608075/ +966-12-6688199
Mob: +966-546916812
Web: http://www.enchantedgardensa.com
Instagram: @enchangtedg

Young Rembrandts:

If you are inspired by art, or you feel you have it in you then YR is the best place to bring out your inner artist. It offers special sessions at different spots. The unique drawing program comes to your location, which has been designed, by group of experts to enhance the understanding of visual art.

Web: http://www.youngrembrandts.com
Instagram: @yrsaudia


With the motto of “Empowering Young Minds,” Fastrackids offer a wide variety of after school activities from music to language courses.

Tel: +966-12-6616539
Web: http://www.fastrackids.com/ksa
Email: ftkjed@isdcgroup.com
Instagram: @ftkksa

Rose Garden:

It offers wide variety of classes to develop skills of children from gymnastic to photography, cooking, taekwondo, swimming and many others.

Mob: +966-554333013
Email: rosegardenkidsclub@gmail.com

Grow to Glow:

Located at Red Sea Mall, it aims to provide various skill developing activities to children mainly girls from the age of 5-15.

Email: info@growtoglow.net
Tel: +966-12-2150406

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JEDDAH — Childhood is like a seed which needs proper nourishment and care before it grows into a beautiful flower.

Doaa Al Hothify, a child psychologist and founder of Get Smart Center (GSC), along with her team of trained teachers has initiated a mission to improve children’s abilities by developing their intelligence, personality and talent.

“When I went to London I was inspired by GSC there. I felt the absence of an activity center in the Kingdom. So, I came back and started working with the same method in local schools and later opened GSC here,” she said.

The center offers different programs for kids between the age group of 1 -12.

“It offers educational program preparing children for school, and another program called ‘The Forum of Beauties’ is especially designed for development of girl’s personalities, self-confidence and talents. ‘The Forum of Heroes’ is a program that aims at developing boy’s personalities and directing their abilities toward achieving goals.”

Seven-year-old Ghina Al Ibrahim has been visiting the center to complete her homework, and learn different activities.

“I love this center,” she said.

“My aim is to innovate the way of learning. I teach them through objects, arts and they are happy. We talk individually to the kids, get to know their level and teach accordingly,” said Summaiya Saati, an English teacher. GSC also offers special programs for kids with special needs. It helps in evaluation and diagnosis of a child and offers IQ tests.

It has a psychiatric clinics providing therapy and psychological counseling for children and their families.

“What makes our center unique is the session with parents and kids together. Special needs children must be given great care at home, and we tell parents to how to get involved with them,” Al Hothify said, adding, “We have programs for ADHD and Auditory Dyslexia. GSC also arranges educational workshop for mothers, field trips and behavior improving program.”

“My son has a speech problem. I admitted him to this center six months ago, and now with the will of Allah, and hard work of the staff, he has improved to great extent,” said a mother.

The center also has a Fun Club which offer activities such as swimming, cinema and theater, teachings from the life of Prophet (peace be upon him), My Library, Musical Sports, Cooking, Smart Games, Art and Drawings among others.

“GSC is under the supervision of Health Ministry, but it could advance to greater degree if more support is provided by the government and parents,” Al Hothify said. “It caters to the needs of growing child right from analyzing the personality to identifying and directing the talent toward productivity. Every kid is smart at Get Smart Center.”


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